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Front Office:
Owner and President- Baby Doll 1993 (President Mona)
Vice President- Baby Doll 1993 (Vice President Eric Bischoff)
Commishioner- MelPnkSka (Commishioner Raven)
Booker- Baby Doll 1993 (President Mona) 
Results Writer- wish crft, Peopleschampion0, and Baby Doll 1993
Banner Maker- Wally099
Webmaster- Baby Doll 1993 (Baby Doll) 
CHYNA NASH- Ole Anderson
MetlPnkSka- Raven
CDhHh69- X-Pac
Peopleschampion0- Big Pappa Pump Scott Steiner
ZAO771- The Rock 
BuckI030- Road Dogg
Butterfinger723- Eddie Guerrero
BigTom420- Kurt Angle
KiLLeRx732- Mick Foley
RATMRulz316- Ice Kold
THTsack- HHH and Rakishi
King413645- RVD and Taz
NikeYzer19- Kane and Stone Cold Steve Austin
Joker32886- Shane Douglas and Bamm Bamm Bigelow
Bigpapaeg12- Jeff Jarett and Big Papa Greer
TheOutsiders8704- Goldberg and Sid Vicious
MajinY2WP- WP and Controversial Jack
wish crft- Krazy and Apocalypse

Tag Teams:
CDhHh69- (Outsiders) Scott Hall and Kevin Nash
THTsack- (Too Cool) Scottie Too Hottie and Grandmaster Sexay
Sintombomb34560- (The Dudley Boys) Buh Buh Ray and Devon Dudley
King413645- (The Hollys) Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly
Maddawg231-  (Masimum Risk) Bad Ass Billy Gunn and Billy Kidman
IamDaGameMJB-  (The Hardy Boys)  Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy
MajinY2WP- (The Dudley Boys) Buh Buh Ray and Devon Dudley
KiLLeRx732- Edge and Christian
CHYNA NASH- Tully Blanchard and Ric Flair
MetlPnkSka- Booker T and Nova
TheOutsiders8704- Chris Benoit and Big Show

Baby Doll 1993- Mona and Baby Doll
Joker32886- Francine and Sherri Martel
ChynaIsTheGame26- Gorgeous George  and Chyna
Maddawg231- Stephanie McMahon and Spice
Butterfinger723- The Kat and Kimberly
Bigpapaeg12- Ms. Hancock
CDhHh69- Tori
MetlPnkSka- Beulah McGillicutty
Peopleschampion0- Trish Stratus
BigTom420- Madusa
Buccaneers76er- Torrie Wilson
wish crft- Ms. Insane

Male Managers
Baby Doll 1993- Arn Andrerson
RUSSOisGOD- Vince Russo
King413645- Bill Alfonso and Michael Hayes
TheOutsiders8704- Vince and Shane McMahon

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