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If you do not rp you are fired. With a good excuse we will let you off once.

Do not tell us you can not rp the day of the card. You have a week to rp. If you can not rp tell us at least 2 days before the card.

One must work for a title shot, don't email me asking for a title shot right away or if you never roleplay No deleting or ignoring fed mail

A Person can only have one belt at a time

A stable must have 3 people before it is created

No TOS'ing or reporting anyone in the fed...period

Don't complain if you lose a match

No beating up others in the fed in your rp's

If you want to use other people in your rp's get permission from them first

No using parts of other people's rp's in your rp's without their permission

No more than 12 people per stable

No switching wrestlers or managers, when you join this fed with a certian wrestler(s) or manager , that is that you are stuck with.

No advertising for a diffferent fed using the NWA mailing list

Disobey one of these rules, and you are fired.

Have fun.

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